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I can't believe they called me that!

I can't remember a time in my life when I ever fit in. I've always been a little goofy, a little nerdy and a little weird. I looked at life a little differently than everyone else and it didn’t help that I sounded different from many of my classmates. So between stuttering when I was younger, and enunciating the beginning, middle and ends of every word (thank you, Mom and Dad for making me speak correctly). I had a weirdo/nerd/odd/strange label plastered all over me. So yes, I've been called weirdo before (many times actually)! It wasn't until I became an adult and moved to Memphis that I totally embraced being different. Here, I realized that being different wasn't so bad-that it was actually a good thing! Memphis is a melting pot of all sorts of different people. People who don’t look the same, people who have different viewpoints and people who don’t sound the same. I learned that I didn’t HAVE to fit in! It wasn’t necessary to be accepted.

When I met my husband, I realized that I found someone who was just as weird, goofy and nerdy as me and we could NOT fit in together! We are striving to raise our children with positive views of being weird and knowing that it is ok (and maybe a good thing) to be different. Teaching them that being a weirdo is a plus and it’s awesome!! I don’t think any parent wants their children to be ashamed of who they are. So, let’s teach them (and ourselves for that matter) to be proud of our idiosyncrasies and celebrate our weirdisms!

Our WEIRDO line is one that is near and dear to my heart as it strikes chords of resonance within me. But instead of feeling bad about being a weirdo, I’m proud to be able to say that, “Yes! I am a WEIRDO!” It’s almost like a badge of honor to wear! Join us in being proud of who you are and get yours before they sell out!

~Truly Tamika

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